Montavilla Collective

Montavilla Collective was formed in 2022 as a space for sheltered and unsheltered neighbors to gather for the nourishment of community, creativity, mutual support, and birthday cakes.

Birthday Cake

Our Programs

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Sunday Gathering/ Artspace

Most weeks, we gather on Sunday evenings to share food and conversation and to make art. Our community includes nearby Montavilla neighbors and friends who travel across town to be with us. It includes people living in houses and people living in tents. It is a place to be in community with others whose names and stories we would not normally have a chance to know.
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Being part of the Montavilla Collective means showing up when neighbors need us. It means standing in witness if neighbors are being arrested or relocated, being on call to show up at public events in Montavilla, offering written or in-person testimony to City Council or the Multnomah County Board of Commissioners when our neighbors’ well-being and dignity are at stake.

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Collective participants strive to be there for one another, and show up to keep each other company during times of challenge and times of celebration. Showing up takes as many forms as there are people:

  • Sitting by someone’s hospital bed when they would otherwise be alone.
  • Providing assistance with paperwork for a job or housing application.
  • Throwing a party for someone with a new house/job/pet/what-have-you
  • Joining together to keep our neighborhood clean and safe

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